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Welcome to NewSound Solutions

Dr. Edwards and Dr. Mills have treated thousands of people with hearing loss, dizziness and tinnitus.  The brain-hearing connection is a complex system relying heavily on our brains for processing and interpretation. The most successful hearing solutions are designed to support the brain’s role in hearing while intelligently clarifying the sounds around us.

We utilize the latest in NeuroTechnology™ so you can experience better hearing with less effort. As the only Doctors of Audiology in Parker County, you’ll find the expertise you need for the hearing care you deserve.

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Living with hearing loss is difficult and getting the expert care you need is important. Our philosophy is to exceed your expectations, while providing exceptional, compassionate, and caring hearing healthcare.

Professional Knowledge

Our extensive training and nearly 30 years of experience have made us experts in designing effective hearing solutions.


We’re dedicated to improving people’s lives through better hearing. Our mission is to help you hear the life you love.


Dr. Terri Jo Edwards is the only Doctor of Audiology in the Weatherford area. Her 8 years of rigorous training and 29 years of experience guarantee unparalleled expertise for your hearing health.

Open Doors

Our commitment is to assist our patients with every step of their journey to easier listening and an improved quality of life. We’re always here when you need us.


Your hearing is as unique as your fingerprint, and your hearing care should be no different. We honor and support our patients’ need for individualized solutions.

Why a Patient Should Choose Us

  • Commitment to

  • Educating the

  • Embarking on a journey
    with the patients and
    their family

  • Great follow-up care
    (open door policy)

  • Personalized


  • - C. K.
    “Having tinnitus or ringing in the ears is a daily occurrence it seems for older persons or those that have been exposed to years of loud and consistent noises and is quite frustrating. It seems to never stop and interferes with a person’s quality of life - even to the point of not being able to sleep due to the constant ringing. Due to tinnitus, and hearing loss, I was evaluated and purchased hearing aids from New Sound Solutions and was I ever amazed! My particular aids are the AGXO H160 and I can’t recommend them enough. There are days when I choose to not have my hearing aids on (lawn work, just lazing around) but soon discovered the ringing in my ears was overshadowing the quiet and driving me crazy! I put my hearing aids on and voila…. within an hour or so, the ringing stopped! I have tried this on numerous occasions thinking it could just be my imagination, but no, having my hearing aids on DOES stop the ringing! If you suffer from tinnitus and hearing loss, please check out the AGXO hearing aid, I don’t think you’ll regret it.”
    - C. K.
  • - T.R.
    “I would like to thank Dr. Terri Jo Edwards, for her expert assistance with my comfort level of being a first-time wearer of hearing aids. She has worked tirelessly to program my hearing aids and make sure that I have no health issues that could be causing the loss of my hearing comprehension. I was hesitant at first to purchase the streamer that enables me to hear the TV and phone more clearly. I thought "not another electronic gadget!" but decided to give it a try. It is wonderful. My husband is an avid reader and likes to watch sports with the sound turned off while he reads. I like to hear what the announcers are saying. The streamer solves that problem --- he can mute the TV but I can hear it at whatever level I choose. I would highly recommend Dr. Edwards if you are in need of the services of a skilled audiologist.”
    - T.R.
  • - A.M.
    “Prior to getting hearing aids, I was able to hear music – but now with my hearing devices I can hear music with my heart. I love them. ”
    - A.M.
  • – S.R.
    “For the first time in years, I am able to hear clocks ticking, dog nails clicking and leaves rustling as well as enjoying company. Dr. Edwards is a miracle worker.”
    – S.R.
  • – B.S.
    “Now, I can hear – What a difference!!!!”
    – B.S.
  • – B.C.
    “I have suffered from ringing in my ears for years and was told by doctors and everyone that there was nothing that can be done. Dr. Edwards told me there was hope and hearing devices could possibly help me. THEY DID!! I hear much better even in noisy environments and while I am wearing the hearing aids the ringing is much softer almost completely gone. It’s even softer after I take the aids off. Thank you Dr. Edwards for giving me hope.
    – B.C.
  • – D.O.
    “I am pleased to be able to say a good word about my new friend, Dr. Terri Edwards, and how she helped me with my acute hearing loss in June of 2010. As a result of a viral infection, I lost complete hearing in my left ear and partial hearing in my right. As a minister, I’m in a lot of public and private meeting in various situations with people on a daily and weekly basis. I realized I was going to need hearing aids to effectively continue to minister as before. I decided to see Dr. Terri Edwards. She had been so genuinely caring in my first meeting with her and I found the same concern when I returned for the fitting of my new hearing aids. She took the time to understand my needs in my vocation. She recommended hearing devices that met my needs and budget. The service has been second to none. For several weeks she programmed, adjusted and patiently readjusted my hearing devices to accommodate the various situations and circumstances I’m in on a daily basis. Dr. Edwards has helped me to have the best quality of hearing I could hope given my circumstances. Dr. Edwards is knowledgeable, caring and thorough. I have recommended her to some of my church family who used her and received the same good results. I can enthusiastically recommend her to you as well. ”
    – D.O.
  • – S.B.
    “Dear Dr. Edwards- this letter is to say how excited and happy I am to receive my hearing aids. I cannot express enough the professionalism and courtesy you and your staff have provided. I would not hesitate to recommend your practice and products to anyone.”
    – S.B.

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