What to Expect at Your First Appointment

At NewSound Solutions we conduct our initial hearing assessment with a straightforward four-step process. Through a combination of state-of- the-art hearing tests and a thorough interview, we’re experts at identifying the best solutions for your unique needs. Understanding your concerns and expectations for improved hearing is our highest priority.

Step One: Interview

Our hearing evaluation begins with a complete review of any symptoms of hearing loss you might have and how you’re experiencing your hearing ability in daily life. We will also review your lifestyle and specific hearing needs, such as, if you travel often or are frequently in noisy environments.

Step Two: Ear Examination

We will then use a state-of- the-art magnifying instrument called a video otoscope to painlessly inspect your outer ear. This instrument also enables you to be able to see inside your ear canal. Visually examining your ear helps us determine if the hearing difficulty you’re experiencing is being caused by an obstruction or damage to the ear canal or eardrum.

Step Three: Hearing Tests

Next, we will perform a complete battery of audiometric tests to identify the thresholds of sound you are comfortably able to hear. You will be asked to wear a specialized pair of headphones while we test your ability to hear various pitches and volumes of sound, as well as spoken words. These tests will also involve simulating real-life environments to test your hearing ability amidst varying levels of background noise.

Step Four: Treatment Options

If hearing loss is detected, we will recommend and explain the benefits of suitable solutions for your degree of hearing loss and your lifestyle. We will review what the latest technology can do for your specific situation and answer any questions you may have. We’ve been helping people with hearing loss select effective solutions for 29+ years, and these days, there are more options than ever!

If you were referred by your physician, Dr. Edwards will write and send a comprehensive report with recommendations of treatment to your doctor.


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