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Comprehensive Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations

The Best Treatment Begins With a Thorough Evaluation

At NewSound Solutions, we believe that education about the brain–hearing connection is important prior to your appointment. After you schedule your initial audiological evaluation in the Weatherford and Granbury, TX, areas we will send you an informational packet along with a co-authored book by Dr. Terri Edwards and Dr. Keith Darrow, Choose Active-Aging, that will provide you with education on our process and treatment options. This information will answer many questions like – “How are hearing loss and dementia connected? What are the different treatment options? and "How affordable are hearing loss treatment options?”

Your Audiological Evaluation

Performed by one of our audiologists, our audiological evaluation is a comprehensive diagnostic procedure intended to define your degree of hearing loss, examine the impact the hearing loss is having on understanding conversation in both quiet and noisy environments as well as the impact it is having on brain health.

Step One: Medical History

Our hearing evaluation begins with a complete review of your medical history and symptoms of hearing loss. We will review your specific hearing and cognitive needs, such as if you travel often or are in noisy environments, and if your family history includes dementia.

Step Two: Ear Examination

We will then use a state-of-the-art magnifying instrument called a video otoscope to painlessly inspect your outer ear. This instrument allows you to see inside your ear canal. Visually examining your ear helps us determine if your hearing difficulty is caused by an obstruction or damage to the ear canal or eardrum.

Step Three: Hearing Tests

Next, a hearing test that provides a measurement of the sensitivity of a person’s hearing across the full range of speech will be performed. You will be asked to wear foam earbuds while we test your ability to hear various pitches and volumes of sound, as well as spoken words. These tests will also involve simulating real-life environments to test your hearing ability with varying levels of background noise which evaluates your brain’s ability to process speech and speech sounds in both quiet and noisy environments.

Step Four: Treatment Options

If hearing loss, loss of understanding, or tinnitus is detected, we will recommend and explain the benefits of suitable treatment solutions for your degree of hearing and cognitive degradation.  We will review what NeuroTechnology can do for your specific hearing needs and answer any questions you may have. We’ve been helping people decrease their risk of dementia, improve brain function, hear easier and with better clarity since 1988, and now there are even better solutions than ever!

If you were referred by your physician, our audiologist will write and send a comprehensive report with recommendations of treatment to your doctor.

Learn More About Our Process in the Report Below

Treating Your Hearing Loss

Watch the Video Below to Learn How Our Hearing Care Helped to Improve This Patient's Life

Schedule Your Comprehensive Hearing Evaluation in the Weatherford Area & Granbury Area, TX, Today

To experience our 5-star-rated hearing care, schedule your New Patient Consultation today by calling (817) 550-6115 to reach either our Weatherford office or our Granbury office. You may also click here for our convenient online form. Your appointment includes the following:

  • Discuss Your Goals & Symptoms
  • Comprehensive Diagnostic Testing
  • Custom Treatment Plan
  • Start Treatment If Necessary
  • BONUS: Copy Of Dr. Keith Darrow’s and Dr. Terri Jo Edwards' Book

During your appointment, we will take the time to answer all your questions about our advanced treatments and technology, our flexible payment options, and anything else you may want to know about us!

Excellent job finding the right hearing aids, and great follow up.Tara J.
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What To Expect On Your First Visit We look forward to helping you get back to the lifestyle you deserve!
  • Discuss Your Goals & Symptoms
  • Comprehensive Diagnostic Testing
  • Custom Treatment Plan
  • Start Treatment If Necessary
  • Bonus: Copy Of Dr. Keith Darrow's and Dr. Terri Jo Edwards' Book
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