Smart Hearing Aids

Modern technology continues to boast gadgets that are smaller, lighter, and smarter than ever before and hearing aids are no exception. Some of the most promising advancements in hearing aid technology involve their ability to connect wirelessly (using Bluetooth technology) to a wide array of our favorite devices. From smartphones, iPads, and even smart watches (think iWatch), hearing aids are able to communicate with these devices and more to make wearing hearing aids easier than ever.

Smart hearing aids include associated apps (software applications) that enable wearers to access their hearing aid settings from the convenience of their smartphone (iPhone and select Andriod models), iPads, and iWatches. Gone are the days of fiddling with the hearing aid itself to adjust the volume or listening programs. These apps enable discreet and easy adjusting of the long list of hearing aid settings to make for the most comfortable listening experience in any environment – with just a few clicks on a screen. Certain models of smart hearing aids are even able to sense your sound environment and automatically adjust to your surroundings based on your unique preferences.

Advanced wireless connectivity in smart hearing aids also means that phone conversations, television, music, podcasts, audiobooks, or any other audio from your devices can now stream directly to your hearing aids – providing unparalleled sound clarity. Smart hearing aids can double as a high-definition headset to create the most natural-sounding listening experience possible for wearers.

In-person conversations can also be enhanced with smart hearing aids, in conjunction with clip-on microphones designed for use in crowded or noisy environments. These wireless, clip-on microphones can be worn by any person you’d like to be able to clearly hear and their voice will be directly transmitted to your smart hearing aids. Many wearers find this feature useful in restaurants, conferences, and church.

Beyond this impressive list of features of smart hearing aids are the cutting-edge developments in teleaudiology. The teleaudiology cloud enables hearing professionals to serve their patients remotely, including adjusting and programming their patients’ hearing aids and addressing other hearing concerns. These cloud services are especially useful for patients who move away from their favorite hearing professional, or become less able to travel for in-office visits.

This is an exciting time in hearing technology development and the advancements occur rapidly. Be sure to ask us which models of hearing aids offer these types of features and we’ll be happy to walk you through what the latest technology has to offer.

Contact our office today to learn more about what these innovative developments can do for you.


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