Ear Plugs & Protection

The best treatment for hearing begins before hearing is lost at all. High quality ear plugs and earmolds are an excellent preventative measure to help keep you hearing well for a lifetime. These protective plugs and molds are an appropriate choice for anyone who will be exposed to loud sounds, underwater activities, or needs a custom-fit earmold for hearing aids or other instruments. At NewSound Solutions, we offer custom earmolds, swim molds, and hearing protection for all types of high-decibel activities.

Hunting and Shooting Ear Plugs

For those who frequently use firearms, such as hunters and shooters, effective hearing protection is a must. Although many attempt to reduce the impact of this loud noise exposure with methods such as headphones, and over-the-counter ear plugs, there is no substitute for custom ear protection. Our custom hunters and shooters ear plugs are designed to significantly reduce the impact of loud noise exposure from firearms, keeping you on the top of your game.

Swimmer’s Ear Plugs

Whether you are swimming laps or just enjoying a recreational dip, wearing properly fit ear protection is essential. To keep your ears dry and healthy, NewSound Solutions offers custom-fit ear plugs for swimmers that help prevent water from entering your ears – keeping you safe from ear infections and other water-related ailments.

Musician In-Ear Monitors (IEMs)

Our custom in-ear monitors for musicians use the latest iOS technology, enabling musicians to connect to their iPhone or other Mac devices remotely. Designed for professional musicians and audiophiles alike, these monitors offer the best clarity and isolation for performing, recording or listening to music.

Bragi Dash Pro

The Bragi DashPRO are personalized, wireless, custom-made earphones that are powered by Starkey® Hearing Technologies. The Dash Pro is customized to fit the exact shape of your ear canal, optimizing the sound quality for your unique needs. Utilizing ground-breaking wireless technology, the Dash Pro can:

  • Connect to Bluetooth device such as a smartphone.
  •  Act as a stand-alone music player with 4GB of storage.
    • Leave your smartphone behind while still enjoying crystal-clear tunes on the go.
  •  Track activity
    • The Dash Pro can identify if you are walking, running, cycling, or even swimming.
  • Communicate in 40 different languages
    • When combined with the iTranslate app, the Dash Pro can become a valuable travel companion with real-time translations.

To learn more about our custom solutions, contact us today.


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