Brain Hearing

The most promising developments in hearing assistive technology center on supporting the brain’s role in hearing. When hearing loss is present, the brain has trouble processing the comprehensive landscape of sounds entering the ears. The brain must then work harder to make sense of partial auditory data, leaving the listener straining to concentrate on every spoken detail or noise in an effort to understand.

This process causes the brain to consume more energy than normal and can eventually lead to atrophy of the auditory cortex as certain areas of the brain are no longer activated by the full range of sound frequencies. The result is daily exhaustion and a gradual cognitive decline for those suffering from untreated hearing loss.

BrainHearing TM technology seeks to remedy this tiring cycle by supporting the brain as it processes sound information. This modern hearing solution delivers more benefits than ever before to the ears and to the brain, and helps to curb atrophy of the auditory cortex by providing the brain with the stimulation it needs to thrive.

People who wear hearing aids with BrainHearing TM technology benefit from greater ease of listening, more stamina, and better participation in social situations. We are proud to partner with Oticon and others in offering the latest in brain-supporting technology, and are eager to pass it’s benefits on to our patients.

Contact our office to learn more about how this modern approach to hearing loss can improve your life.


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