After Your Visit

If it has been determined that new hearing aids are the best solution for you, it’s time for you to gently acclimate to wearing them. It’s important to remember that your brain needs to practice processing whichever long-lost sounds it’s been missing. This reactivated neural processing of newly-amplified sounds can make wearing hearing aids feel strange at first, but rest assured that it will get more comfortable as your brain and ears slowly adjust.

At NewSound Solutions, we’re proud to offer our patients an open-door policy for all follow-up care. We welcome you to reach out to us for any questions, concerns, or needs as you receive our hearing care. After your first fitting, you can expect a check-up call directly from your hearing care provider within the first week. We invite you to come back in for re-adjustments as you acclimate to your new devices, and typically schedule the first follow-up visit for 10 days after your initial fitting. We schedule subsequent re-adjustments as needed during the first 75 days of wearing your new hearing aids, and then schedule check-up appointments every 3-4 months thereafter.

Getting precise adjustments for your new hearing aids can accelerate and ease the natural adjustment period you’ll experience. At NewSound Solutions, we use real ear measurements to ensure your hearing aids are perfectly programmed, allowing your brain to acclimate well to the amplified sounds. We’ve been accurately adjusting hearing aids for nearly three decades and are happy to properly adjust your hearing aids, no matter where you purchased them.

Contact our office to learn more about precision hearing aid fittings.


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