About Us

Terri Jo Edwards, AuD, founded NewSound Solutions with specific purpose in mind: treat hearing loss, decrease the risk of dementia due to hearing loss, increase cognitive function and improve communication of each patient.

The truth is living with hearing loss is a progressive degenerative disorder that is difficult for our patients and their families, and can often be an exhausting struggle. Hearing loss strains our cognitive processes as we attempt to decipher words in challenging listening situations. It can interfere with our ability to remember details from conversations and can quickly diminish our sense of connection to those we love the most.

We approach our patients with a sensitive awareness of these struggles and the most advanced NeuroTechnology™ to help increase brain function, decrease risk of dementia and increase communication. Improving hearing loss involves more than just wearing hearing devices, as hearing loss affects important neural networks within the brain. We use modern NeuroTechnology™ as well as comprehensive patient education, and  aural rehabilitation to achieve the best results possible.

Our Mission

Our mission is to love and care about our patients. At NewSound Solutions, Dr. Edwards and her staff believe in providing high-quality, convenient, caring, comprehensive, and state-of- the-art audiology services to those with hearing loss, tinnitus, and dizziness/vertigo/balance problems.

Our innovative efforts are aimed at education, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation. Using a team approach, from our referring physicians to the audiologist, our patients are guided through a warm and caring diagnostic, treatment, and rehabilitative process using advanced technology to provide them with the solutions they need.

We are dedicated to working within the medical community while improving our patients’ quality of life by delivering the best hearing healthcare possible and by providing our patients with the most appropriate and effective treatment available. We will do everything in our power to support the well-being, dignity, and independence of our patients.


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